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In October of 1983, about a year after they had gotten married, Christine was working as a waitress at a local Waterloo diner, and Mark was working as a heating technician for a company that was recently bought buy a larger corporation. Mark met with the corporate bosses, to discuss changes at the company and how this would impact Mark. They wanted to take away his vehicle & pay him less. When he responded that he wasn’t sure that was a good option for him they replied with “There’s nothing stopping you from going uptown and hanging your own shingle”. Mark thought about it, went home, and discussed with Christine. Christine put in her two-weeks-notice and by November 1983, Gibson’s Heating was in business.


Luckily for Mark and Christine, it was a cold winter the first few months of business, and through word of mouth they started gaining customers, many of whom they still serve today. They hired their first employee, Norb (we honor him with our cartoon mascot) that November as well. Gibson’s slowly started growing business and employees, plus expanded to include plumbing a few years after its start.

Mark and Christine both wore a few different hats in the early years, with Mark focusing his time in the field & Christine answering calls and completing the books. Approximately 10 years in, Mark realized that he was making about 1/3 of what each employee was making and started spending more time working “on” the business and not in the field. This is when Gibson’s moved their focus to being a customer service business that works on HVAC/ Plumbing, implementing processes and procedures- and implemented the “Three Way Win”- where the “Employees Win”, the “Customers Win”, and the “Company Wins”.

Since then, Gibson’s has grown, serving the community, and leaving our customers satisfied knowing that we stand behind our work and that we do our best daily. Both Mark & Christine say they are proud reading the good reviews our customers leave us and developing a business that stands out in the community servicing people. They are ecstatic that the business is still family-owned and operated & that Gibson’s is able to employ more individuals everyday who are able to provide and take care of their families. Their hopes for the present and future are to continue providing excellent services and comfort to the community.

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