10 Situations That Call for an Emergency Plumber

Having a plumbing emergency isn’t on anyone’s to-do list. That’s the thing about emergencies: they don’t care whether they’re welcome, or whether or not you’re prepared. That’s why Gibson’s makes sure that you know how to identify an emergency, and you know just who to call when one turns up (us, of course!).

1. Ruptured Pipes

In some cases of ruptured pipes, they will make their presence known in a major way — by rushing water coming from the wall or the ceiling. The symptoms aren’t always that dramatic, but ruptured pipes are serious no matter how noticeable the signs.

A burst pipe loses gallons upon gallons of water could increase your water bill, and can weaken the structure of your home in a short amount of time. Pipes at risk include old pipes that are rusted, corroded or those that are frozen.

2. Broken Water Main

The water main links the water in your home to your water supply, and you’re responsible for any repairs it may need. If water main issues are not spotted and fixed quickly, they could cause major damage to your home and property.

Signs of a water main problem include soggy spots in the yard, high water bills for seemingly no reason, low water pressure, and poor water quality. Even though water main pipes are under the ground, plumbers have sophisticated technology that allows us to detect leaks quickly.

3. Overflowing Toilet

Clogged toilets aren’t always an emergency, and some customers choose to attempt to clear the clog by plunging. But, other times, a clog turns into an overflowing toilet that just won’t stop. This is a case for an emergency plumber. Many times it’s a good idea to have us change out the toilet’s water emergency shutoff valve while there, as well.

4. Major Sink Clogs

Like toilets, on simple sink clogs some attempt to use a plunger again for this. But if you have a major clog that won’t clear, or if you’re getting clogs all the time, you could have a bigger problem on your hands. Big clogs like this are usually the sign of a deeper issue which can cause leaky pipes and potentially, property damage.

5. Roots in Pipes

Tree roots have a way of sneaking into places they don’t belong. If you notice slow-emptying drains, sinkholes in your lawn, collapsed and/or blocked pipes, or bad odors, you may have a serious blockage in the form of tree roots. Call an emergency plumber immediately, as this is an issue that should only be dealt with by professionals.

6. Frozen Water Pipes

Living in Indiana, we know to beware of frozen water pipes. As water freezes, it forces the pipe to expand, which causes cracks. When the pipe thaws, those cracks let water through and cause a flood. If you have damage or notice a leak, an emergency plumber can help.

7. Gas Leaks

Gas leaks are extremely serious. If you smell sulfur in or around your home, get out immediately and call an emergency plumber, your gas company or fire department. Gas leaks can cause property damage and carbon monoxide poisoning; they pose a problem that should only be handled by professionals.

8. Sewer System Backups

Backed-up sewage isn’t something you want to experience, and it should be remediated as soon as possible. It’s typically a clog that starts the issue – if someone in your family flushes things that they shouldn’t — like paper towels, feminine sanitary products, or wipes — you will smell the issue before long. Not only will you notice a smell, but you might hear pipes gurgling along with water appearing in strange places, like pooling in the shower when you flush the toilet, and more.

9. Sump Pump Failure

Sump pumps are meant to direct water from around/beneath your basement or crawl space into a sump pit and, if it’s not working correctly when a rainstorm occurs, you could be in for some serious water damage. A failed sump pump usually comes with irregular cycling, odd noises, vibrations, and/or a pump that runs continuously. A frozen or plugged discharge pipe can also cause serious problems.

10. Other Major Leaks

Some leaks don’t require the attention of an emergency plumber, like a leaky showerhead. In that case, just avoid using that particular shower until you can schedule an appointment. Other leaks, though, like those near electrical wiring or those causing water damage, can’t wait. Call an emergency plumber to help prevent weakening your walls and ceiling and possibly help prevent the water damage from causing dangerous mold.

Stay Dry With Gibson’s

A plumbing emergency is the last thing we want, but life happens and so do plumbing issues. Luckily, our plumbers are always here. Our 24/7 Live Answering service gives you peace of mind in knowing that we’re there whenever you need us.

Keep these plumbing issues in mind so you know when to call the pros. Or, if you’re having a problem currently and need expert help, give Gibson’s a call at 260-616-2369!

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