How Dirty Air Ducts Affect Your Home

February is the perfect month to show some love around your home, and the one thing that may need it the most is your air ducts. Especially if you’re noticing poor airflow, an increase in allergy symptoms, or even a strange odor in your home. So if you are looking to spread the February feeling of love around your home, here’s why making sure air ducts cleaning is on your list:

It Can Keep Your Home Cleaner

Your air ducts are what pushes your HVAC air throughout your home. When ignored and dirty, you’ll have more dust circulating throughout your home. Routine cleanings can lead to less dusting on your part and a cleaner home overall.

Allergens and Irritants are Lower

Remember that dust we talked about above? Well, it not only will circulate through your home, but It can also make its way to your nose and lungs, too. If you notice a constant feeling of allergy symptoms when you’re at home, or having an increase in asthma flare-ups, an air duct cleaning may help.

Keeps Your Air Smelling Fresh

Ever notice a musty smell in your home? The source of the issue might be your air ducts. From fumes from a freshly painted room to the food you cook, all these fumes can stick around in your air ducts. Add any dust or dirt to it, and you’ll begin to get a sudden smell every time you turn your system on. A cleaning will rid your home of these odors, and provide you with a fresh-smelling house again.

Better Airflow and Less Stuffiness

Just like your air filters, when dust and debris buildup in your ducts, the air your ducts push out will have a harder time getting to where it needs to go. This will put stress on your system and restrict its airflow. When you free your ducts of this debris, you will have the right air circulation, which in turn, allows for less stale air and better indoor air quality.


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