6 Common Water Heater Problems

We know at Gibson’s Heating & Plumbing, Inc., when water heater problem arise they usually present a few symptoms, these include:

1. No Hot Water
With a gas water heater, this is usually caused by a faulty pilot light, thermocouple or pilot control valve.
2. Not Enough Hot Water
Sometimes the tank is simply too small to meet the demands of the household for hot water. Other reasons could be a broken dip tube that is allowing cold and hot water to mix or a gas supply issue that is preventing the burner from reaching the preset temperature.
3. Rust Colored Water.
Rust colored water is usually an indication that corrosion is happing inside the tank. If the anode rod has failed corrosion can start attacking the inside glass lined tank, discoloring the water.
4. Water Smells
Rotten egg and other smells could mean there is bacteria growing in the tank. Sediment fed by the corrosion of the tank anode tube is usually the cause. Flushing the tank can remove the sediment and the odors.
5. Unusual Noises Such As Rumbling, Popping or Whining
When excessive sediment builds up at the bottom of the tank it can cause the water to boil and make noises as it percolates upwards. The tank should be flushed to remove the sediment.
6. Water Around the Water Heater
Broken temperature and pressure relief valves are usually the cause of water leaks. Also check the plumbing supply connections above the tank for possible leaks.If the water tank is getting up in years it could be a leaking tank caused by excessive corrosion. If this is the case the water heater will need to be replaced.Have questions about your water heater? Or an emergency service needed? Give Gibson’s Heating & Plumbing, Inc. a call, we can help.

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