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When it comes to the winter, it might seem like humidity should be the last thing on your mind — but that’s not the case. Dry air can do a number on your home and your health, making the right humidity level vital. Sure, you can add a bit of humidity in your home with a portable humidifier, but this will only solve a small percentage of the problem.

To keep your humidity level balanced throughout your whole home, you’ll want a whole-house humidifier. Improving your humidity levels, air quality, and your overall health, here are just seven of the many benefits investing in a whole-house humidifier will bring you:

Prevents Illness

When moisture is present in the air, the chances of viruses and bacteria traveling decrease. Drier air leads to more chances of illness, so by investing in a humidifier, you can decrease your chances of getting sick throughout the winter. Beyond that, dry air can make it harder to beat a winter cold or flu, and with the right humidity, you can recover faster. If you are living with asthma, dry air could worsen your symptoms. All reasons to get your humidity level back to normal, today.

Reduces Snoring

Dry air does a number on your throat and sinuses. For some, it can cause a dry throat in the morning, while for others it can lead to nosebleeds, and for many, it can increase their snoring. If you live with someone who snores, you know how frustrating it can be — but a little extra humidity could cease the snoring and help everyone get a well, rested good night sleep.

Less Static Cling

More of an annoyance than a significant issue, static clean and electrical shocks are all caused by the cold, dry air. From accidentally shocking your cat, to trying to keep your clothes from clingy to you, this little annoyance can quickly be alleviated with adding some humidity into the air.

Keeps Your Skin Less Dry

Dry air also equals dry skin. From chapped lips to flaking and even possible advanced aging, dry skin is easily fixed with a humidity level check. If you have sensitive skin or suffer from eczema, dry air could be causing your symptoms to increase. A perfect humidity balance might be all you need to have soft, moisturized skin again.

Better For Heating

When humidity is high, the temperature always seems to feel higher, too. So when humidity is low, it’s only natural for the temperature to feel lower. This will ultimately lead you to crank the heat more, wasting more energy and making you waste excess heat that is not needed (and that could have been saved).

Stop Winter Allergies

From sniffling to sneezing, all these cold likes symptoms might be winter allergies — and dry air could be causing it to linger. With the dry air comes increased congestion, dry eyes, nosebleeds and the increase of allergy symptoms. So with the right moisture balance, you can breath freer and feel better all winter long.

Protect Your Furniture

Lack of humidity can not only affect your health, but it can also affect your home’s health. If you have hardwood floors or wood furnishings around your house, the lack of moisture in the air can eventually lead to splits and cracks, harming the integrity. By adding a humidifier, you can be sure your wood flooring and furnishings are kept in the best conditions possible.

If you are looking to kick dry air to the curb and begin restoring the humidity balance in your home, Gibson Heating & Plumbing can help. With an easy to install, low maintenance Whole-House Humidifier, you can get your house back to comfortable in no time.

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