While many of us love the longer, sunnier days and warmer weather that spring brings, we doubt anyone is a fan of the allergens and symptoms that come along with it. Although it may seem like you have no other option than to power through your days with itchy eyes, a runny nose, and sinus headaches, that’s far from the case.

By making a few changes in your daily habits and making small adjustments around your home, you can handle spring allergies with ease.

Managing Spring Allergies in Your Home

Be Mindful of Your Outdoor Clothing

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that, while some allergens (such as dust) can already be in your home, others are tracked in from outside. This often happens if you wear the same clothing you spent time outside in — jackets, shoes, and the like — around the rest of your home.

By doing so, you’re spreading any particles or allergens — dirt, pollen, and bacteria, for example, around the rooms of your home. Avoid this by removing outdoor shoes and clothing at the door and leaving them in your laundry room or mudroom.

Use the Right Cleaning Methods

When you get around to doing some spring cleaning, be sure you’re doing so thoroughly and effectively to get the job done.


You probably already have certain areas of your home covered when it comes to your cleaning plan, but it’s important to take care of spots that could secretly be harboring dust and other allergens. This can include:

Underneath your furniture

Your supply and return vents

Your air ducts

Air ducts can be harboring copious amounts of dust, hair, and other allergy-inducing particles. To avoid having those irritants spread all throughout your home whenever your central air system cycles on, be sure to schedule a duct cleaning twice a year.


Things like feather dusters and bristled broom merely move dust and dirt around, rather than actually getting rid of it — meaning you’re not really cleaning at all, unfortunately. Aim to use microfiber cloths and mop pads that trap dirt, dust, and other germs in them, so you can rest assured you’re properly removing those allergens from the various nooks and crannies of your home.


Many people reach for the toughest cleaners on the market, but this can actually be counterproductive. Many of these store-bought cleaners contain chemicals and other ingredients that can actually irritate your allergy symptoms even more. Try using more eco-friendly or natural products to get your home tidy.


Similar to harsh cleaning products, many aerosol sprays, candles, and other fragrance-releasing products you may use to make your home smell of apple pie or fresh flowers contain ingredients that can cause allergy flare-ups. Stick to using essential oils and natural beeswax candles to give your home a certain aroma without the added respiratory distress.

Control Humidity Levels

Whenever your home’s moisture levels are higher than they should be, there is a potential for mildew and mold to grow. Not only can this stimulate your allergy symptoms, but it can also be further detrimental to your health.

Aside from the general climate you live in, there are several reasons your home’s humidity levels could be too high, including but not limited to:

A plumbing leak

Poor ventilation

A malfunctioning AC system

If high humidity is causing your allergies to suffer, it’s worth having your home inspected to see if you’re in need of plumbing repairs or could benefit from whole-home humidity solutions.

Consider Air Purification

Sometimes, little habit changes don’t make a big enough difference in controlling the presence of allergens in your home. That’s where air purification comes in.

Some of your best options include:

UV Lights: Adding these lights to your HVAC system can kill off viruses, bacteria, and other germs in your air.

Air Cleaners: These systems filter your home’s air to remove dust, pollen, dander, bacteria, and more.

Ozone Air Purification: This system works with your existing ductwork to quickly remove bacteria, gases, and toxic compounds all while improving the efficiency of your HVAC system.

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