How to Prepare Your Home for Autumn

Homeowners in Indiana Should Prepare Their Homes for Fall

If you’re a homeowner in Indiana, or anywhere else, it’s essential to prepare your home for autumn. While it may seem as if your humble abode is ready to tackle the colder temperatures that lie ahead, there’s a chance that your home might need to be prepared ahead of time to successfully transition into the even colder winter months down the road.

If you’re not sure how to prep your living space for fall, here are some suggestions to help you get a jump start!

Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Autumn


An important tip that all homeowners should take into consideration is scheduling a maintenance appointment for their furnace. While it may have seemed to have worked efficiently a year ago, there’s always a chance it could require some TLC — and you wouldn’t even know it.

During a furnace maintenance appointment, an HVAC technician will inspect the unit from top to bottom, ensuring that nothing seems to be out of place. If your technician does spot something out of the ordinary — such as a discolored pilot light — they’ll approach you with solutions to fix the problem and have it taken care of before those chilly days arrive in full force.


When the colder weather creeps in, there’s a chance that you’ll be spending more time indoors with the windows shut. And when that’s the case, it’s possible that your indoor air quality can begin to diminish. Between pet dander and walking around with your shoes on, various allergens can go airborne and hinder your “IAQ,” which could result in the onset of indoor allergies.

Knowing this, a professional indoor air quality solution will help keep your IAQ up to par in the months and years to come. From UV lights to air cleaners, there are various products that you can choose from to help make breathing indoors a little easier than before. Another perk? You may even see a decrease in dust in your humble abode — a dream come true for many homeowners!


A vital plumbing unit in every home is a water heater! While this unit is used all year long, it’s imperative to make sure it’s intact when those colder days arrive; after all, no one wants to wash their hands in ice-cold water in the middle of autumn. If you suspect that your unit might need some attention from a trusted professional, or you feel as if it needs a repair, don’t put it off — make that appointment right away!

Having repairs addressed and made as soon as possible is vital for the lifespan of your unit. It will not only help it run much more efficiently, but it will provide you with peace of mind, knowing that there’s less of a chance you’ll run into a problem when you least expect it.


Do you tend to have a drafty door or window when those cold gusts of air arrive? If so, now is the perfect time to address the problem head-on. Doing so will help keep any heat that your furnace produces inside, rather than let it escape into the wild.

Another perk is that sealing with weatherstripping will even help prevent various allergens from creeping into your home — which is always a plus.

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