Most Common Drain Issues

The summer party season is upon us! With it comes BBQs, pool parties, and fun in the sun. Inside can come clogs, overflowing fixtures and more. To ensure your plumbing is protected for the upcoming summer events, here are the most common clogs, and the preventative tips you’ll need to make sure the party goes on all night long.

Clogged Sink

Though this is a time for BBQing, there is still some preparation that will occur indoors. If you’re hosting, chances are you’ll have some help in the kitchen. Though you can’t control your families every move, you can help them be mindful of what goes down the drain. For starters, most clogs are caused by fats, oils, and other fibrous foods carelessly being left in the sink.

All fats and oils solidify over time and will do the same in your drain. Many fibrous foods, such as pasta will swell and do the same. If you are also using reusable plates, have everyone scrape them before placing them in the sink.

Slow Draining Showers

More traffic in the home means more showers. If you are already noticing your shower drain is getting slower and slower, you’ll want to schedule a draining cleaning before summer guests arrive. Another clog prevention tip is to add a hair stopper. This will minimize the amount of hair getting stuck down the drain.

Overflowing Toilets

Another high volume spot when guests arrive is your toilet. Naturally, the more people using it, the more chance of an issue. The major one being a clog. Once the clog occurs, the panic and constant flushing often follow, leading to an overflowing toilet. To avoid the embarrassment of your guests having to ask for a plunger, be sure they know that only toilet paper and bodily waste, should go down the drain. You can do this by keeping visible garbage can nearby or just politely telling them at the beginning of their stay.

If you already have constant clogs, you’ll want to have your trusted plumber take a look, asap. If a major drain clog does occur, you’ll want to trust the experts at Gibson’s Heating & Plumbing. To make an appointment, contact us at [hls_phone_number].

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