Why you should pursue a career with Gibson’s Heating & Plumbing Inc.

When you’re an employee, being able to take your concerns directly to the owner of your company and knowing you have support from the top is a big deal.

That’s one thing that Jason Lanning appreciates the most about working for Gibson’s Heating and Plumbing.

“If I have concerns, whether customer-related or procedure-related concerns, I can call any of the owners of the company — Mark or Chris — directly and get an answer,” he says. “It’s very important to be heard. They will back the technician 100%, they’ll never question or doubt what the tech is telling them. You know that someone has always got your back.”

Lanning is a service technician who has been with us at Gibson’s for 16 years. He’d never worked in the trades before he came to us, but he did have mechanical experience. He’d worked for nearly a decade in a factory environment and, more recently, as a property manager. Those jobs are where he learned how important it is to have open communication.

“I worked in an atmosphere where you had to go through an entire chain of command before you could talk to the people at the top,” he says. “There ends up being a lot of people in the middle and miscommunication happens along the way. That leads to a lot of frustration.”

When he worked as a property manager, he was in charge of 75 rental properties. That included everything from advertising, to collecting rent, to repairs and tenant disputes. He felt like he was a glorified babysitter and was looking for a way out. That’s when he discovered Gibson’s at a job fair.

“Ironically, this is the same field that my dad and grandpa were in, but I told myself I was never going to do what they did,” he says. “I didn’t learn this trade from them because I didn’t think it was who I was or what I wanted to do. It was stubborn youth. I was 33 when I started in HVAC, and I wish I’d switched way earlier.”

Lanning started before we developed our Career Training Center, so he got to learn a lot on-the-job by shadowing other technicians. He was already set up for success between his real-world training and his mechanical experience from his time in the factory.

Today, Lanning is a part of a team with hundreds of years of combined experience. When he and other service technicians are on a call, they can all rely on one another to help solve complex problems so no one is left out in the cold.

“Everyone has their own skill sets, but other people have seen things that maybe I haven’t seen,” Lanning says. “Because of the size of our company and the experience of our staff, I know I can call on other techs — in addition to anyone in the office — to bounce ideas off of. Being able to rely on our combined experience is huge. Everyone is supportive, and I know I can count on them.”

It’s not just fellow techs that Lanning can rely on, though. There’s an entire team of people in the office, warehouse, and in support roles. We all work together to provide exceptional and efficient service to our customers.

In fact, serving our customers is what it’s all about. That’s one of the day-to-day joys that Lanning has found in working for Gibson’s.

“I love getting to see the same faces year-after-year while I’m doing routine maintenance. I have customers who I consider friends who I never met before this job,” he says. “I get a lot of satisfaction out of completing projects, making people comfortable and solving their problems. I love looking forward to the next problem.”

Are you looking for a new career or are you simply ready for a change? Gibson’s is hiring! We’re always searching for mechanically-inclined individuals who are looking to work in the trades.

We want to hear from you whether you have years of experience or you need a little training and brushing up on your skills. Search our available jobs and apply with us today by calling [hls_phone_number] to start your new career.

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