Stay Cool without the Outrageous Prices

Installing an energy-efficient air conditioning system is only part of the battle in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature without the high cooling costs. If you neglect other aspects of energy efficiency, then you might not notice that big of a difference. There are simple ways to stay cool and energy-efficient throughout summer.

Use Ceiling Fans the Right Way

Ceiling fans assist in circulating your air-conditioned air and give the effect of a lower temperature in the room. You must ensure you have the blades spinning in the correct direction. During summer, your ceiling fan should rotate counterclockwise. Some fans have a switch that you flip to reverse the rotation. Others have a button on the remote to change its direction.

Make Ice Cream

Summer is the perfect excuse to eat a lot of ice cream. The cold temperature of this sweet treat helps cool off your body, so you won’t feel the urge to crank up the AC as much. Making your ice cream is easy to do with an electronic ice cream maker, and you can experiment with flavors and combinations.

Use an Attic Fan

The temperature in your attic affects the temperature in your home. Aside from that, high temperatures and humidity in the attic are a breeding ground for mold and pests. You should use an attic fan to help your home stay cooler and ward off expensive problems like mold and pest infestations. Attic fans pull cooler air into the space while removing hotter air.

Block Out the Sun

Sun shining through the windows heats up your home. For maximum efficiency of your air conditioning system, you should keep the curtains and blinds closed during the day. Blackout curtains provide additional sun-blocking power as they are specifically designed to prevent the sunlight from passing through the fabric.

Schedule AC Maintenance in Spring

The best way to stay cool without worrying about high energy costs is scheduling air conditioning maintenance in spring. Lack of AC maintenance is usually the cause behind those outrageous prices you’ve heard about or experienced for yourself. Your system becomes less efficient from dirt buildup, loss of lubrication, and worn parts. During maintenance, we inspect and clean the system for you.

Each tip on its own might seem small, but it makes a difference. When you combine all of these tips, the positive impact on your home’s energy efficiency is even more noticeable. Stay cool from now on without expensive energy bills by making these simple changes.

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