The Importance of Preventative Maintenance for Your Plumbing System

Modern plumbing is one of those aspects of life that you don’t think much about until you experience a plumbing emergency that disrupts your daily life. Luckily, homeowners can minimize the amount of plumbing emergencies they experience — and how disruptive and expensive they can be — with preventative maintenance.

Preventative maintenance is like going to the doctor for regular exams, but for your pipes. It’s always nice to make sure everything is working properly – but that’s not all that you’ll gain from regular preventive maintenance. In fact, there’s many more reasons why it’s important.

Prolonged System Lifespan

If your pipes, fixtures, and appliances are regularly taken care of, they’re less likely to experience premature wear. Since that means you won’t have to replace them sooner than what’s necessary, you’ll save a good chunk of change.

Improve Drain Efficiency

If you don’t get your pipes regularly looked at, dirt, debris, and minerals build up and can cause drain blockages. Eventually, those blockages lead to leaks or burst pipes, which will cost much more than regular cleaning to fix.

Better Water Quality

Having your water heaters, water softeners, and water filtration systems maintained ensures that your family is only drinking, cooking and bathing with water of the highest quality.

Become Eco-Friendly

Preventative plumbing practices provide the peace of mind that your home is as eco-friendly as it can possibly be. With regular maintenance, you can be sure that you’re not wasting unnecessary water and that you’re conserving resources with efficient plumbing.

Lower Bills

Not only is less water waste good for the environment, it’s also good for your wallet. Even things that may seem small, like leaks and drips, add up substantially over time and cause you to pay much more than what your bill should actually be. Eradicating problems like that, along with improving your plumbing efficiency, will make your water bill much more manageable.

You’ll also be able to lower your energy bill, since electric water heaters typically make up about ¼ of a family’s electricity bill, by making the most of your energy usage.

Better Water Pressure

The issues usually to blame for annoyingly low water pressure include leaks, corrosion, or debris stuck in pipes – all of which can be resolved with regular preventative maintenance before they turn into something resulting in low water pressure.

Save Money on Repairs

If you have an expert inspect your system on a regular basis, it lowers the chances of emergency repairs popping up. For example, a leaky faucet or pipe costs much less to fix than, say, water damage to drywall that should occur if a leak goes unchecked for a long period of time.

The more severe a problem is, the more expensive plumbing services will be, so it’s wise to let preventative maintenance nip those problems in the bud before they become unmanageable (and pricey).

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