Tankless water heaters are high tech devices that deliver an endless supply
of hot water. By heating water only when it’s needed, it can save
significant energy compared to conventional tank-style water heaters.
Because of their complexity, tankless water heaters require regular maintenance
to ensure proper operation and long-term reliability. While the maintenance
procedure will vary by manufacturer, here are two of the most common maintenance tasks.
Removing Limescale
Over time, tankless water heaters will accumulate minerals on the inside
of the tank’s heating chamber. To remove the mineral build up the
unit should be flushed regularly, usually once a year, to remove these
accumulated mineral deposits. The steps involved will vary by manufacturer,
but the procedure usually involves attaching a hose and flushing the tank
with vinegar.
Cleaning the Screen Filter
The second tankless water heater maintenance task involves cleaning the
in-line screen filter to remove any accumulated debris. Turn off the incoming
water supply. The filter is located on inlet fixture on the cabinet. Unscrew
the plug to remove the filter. Rinse the filter off and reinstall it on the unit.

Before performing any maintenance on your water heater always check the
manufacturer’s instructions to ensure your safety. If you have questions
about maintaining your tankless water heater, give Gibson’s Heating
and Plumbing a call, we’re here to help.

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