During spring, your HVAC system comes in handy. If your house temperatures are not comfortable, you’ll rely on your air conditioning to ensure the air is cool enough for comfort. During spring cleaning, don’t neglect to also focus on your HVAC system before summer and the hot temperatures roll in. Here’s our ultimate guide to spring HVAC cleaning:

Cleaning Your HVAC Unit

To begin the cleaning process of your HVAC unit, you should adhere to the following steps:

Turn Off the Power

First, turn off your power. Since you won’t have any power in the house, set aside time to do this during the day.

Open Up the AC Access Panel

Your blower unit has a door that leads to the evaporator coil. Depending on the type of unit you own, you might be forced to get rid of the fil duct tape. There are also some screws and bolts that normally hold the HVAC unit’s door in place you’ll need to remove.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

To get rid of any dust present in the coil, you only need a soft brush. Some of these particles include pollen and skin cells. If you have any allergies, you should wear a mask as you clean your HVAC unit.

It is advisable to use a no-rinse coil cleaner. The spray will foam up and then drip into the drain pan of the unit. Ensure you have sprayed the foam evenly so it will penetrate the small areas that you can’t access using your hands.

You may want to conduct some of these tasks during a warm day so that after you’re finished cleaning, you can turn on your HVAC unit and have condensation help rinse the coils.

The Drain Pan Should be Cleaned

After cleaning the coils, you should empty the drain pan. Use hot water and soap to clean the pan. You can also mix water and bleach, which can also be poured into the drain pan.

Clear the Drain If It’s Blocked

You can skip this step if the bleach solution has proven to be effective. However, if you don’t clear the drain, algae and mold may build up with time. For those concerned about the filter, you should remove it first before cleaning the drain.

You can help clear the drain by using a vacuum cleaner. Using the vacuum hose, hold the end to the top of the drain tube. You can prevent air leakage by placing a towel around any gaps. Your vacuum cleaner should run for at least three minutes to ensure the dust has been eliminated.

Close Up Your AC Access Panel

The access panel should be reattached using the screws and bolts that you had taken out initially. For those with metal foil tape, you can use it to seal the access panel. The manufacturer’s label should not be covered up since it comes in handy whenever a technician needs to conduct repairs and maintenance.

By adhering to each of these steps, you’ll manage to ensure the HVAC system is clean; nevertheless, you can encounter some challenges, but you can easily tackle them on your own.

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