Tips for Saving Money On Utilities this Winter

Winter is the perfect time for staying cozy and warm, but it can also be the season where your energy bills can start spiking. You don’t have to shell out a lot of money to stay cozy this season, and we are here to show you how you can save. You can save a lot of money this winter by taking the time to prepare your home for those winter chills.

Get Those Cracks Sealed

Many homeowners overlook the importance of proper insulation during the winter. Not only does insulation help cool your home down during the summer months, but it is crucial for keeping your home warm in the colder months. Take the time to inspect your windows for any cracks around the frame. If you notice cool air seeping into your home thanks to window cracks, take the time to seal those cracks with caulk. You can also use weatherstripping to help seal up any sources of cold air from leaking into your home.

Keep in mind that your doors let in cold air! Cold air can seep in with any gaps in the bottom of a doorframe. Install a draft stopper on your door to help cut down cold air from seeping into your home. Not only can these small steps keep your home warmer this winter, but they will stop you from cranking up the heat and spending more money.

Thermostat Usage

The best way to save money on utilities is to keep your thermostat usage fairly conservative during the winter and not crank up the heat high despite how cozy it may feel. If you do not need to have your home toasty, you can always keep your heating systems set to a comfortable 68 degrees to help save money on your heating. The higher you program your thermostat, the more energy your heating system will use, which means more money spent.

If you are worried about how often you use your thermostat and your energy bills, you can also upgrade your thermostat. We can help you look into programmable digital thermostats that are energy-efficient and great at keeping track of your energy usage. These small steps can slowly chip away at your energy bills and save you money in the long run.

Routine Maintenance

Scheduling your heating system and appliances for regular maintenance can help cut down on utility bills by ensuring that they’re running efficiently. Dirty air filters or broken components can mean extra strain on your home’s heating system, which leads to higher energy bills. Avoid uneven temperatures in your home and high bills by calling one of our pros to ensure your heating system is ready to stand up to old man winter.

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