Unique New Year’s Resolutions

New year, new me. That is the mantra for almost any person entering the new year. It’s our time to reimagine what our lives can be in both small and large ways and put together a plan so that we can accomplish these changes. There’s no right time to look for your fresh start, and your new goals don’t have to be set in stone by the first of the year, so if you’re like us and are getting a later start on your resolutions, follow along for some of our favorite, unique new year’s resolutions.

Waste Less Water

Focusing on limiting your water waste will not only be good for the environment but your water bill as well. We waste water in a lot of little ways. So to tackle this goal, we’ll have to make a lot of minor changes. For instance, turn the faucet while brushing your teeth, washing your face, or shaving.

Save Money On Utilities

Lowering your water waste is one way to lower your utility bills, but there are plenty of other options as well. Make sure to do the following:

  • Turn the lights off in empty rooms,
  • Don’t overheat or overcool your house, especially if no one is home,
  • Upgrade your plumbing fixtures to be more efficient,
  • Install a new water heater to heat your home’s water efficiently
  • Unplug small appliances when you’re done using them
  • Close windows and doors when the AC or heat is on

Prioritize Indoor Air Quality

This is a big goal, but the beauty of big goals is that there are a lot of little ways to contribute to them. First, let’s begin with why prioritizing and improving air quality is so important. We spend about 90% of our days indoors, and in a lot of cases, indoor air is up to 5 times more contaminated than outdoors. That means we’re breathing in a lot of air pollutants. When most people think of air pollution, large grey clouds of smoke and car fumes come to mind, but pollution can be a lot more stealthy than that.

To combat indoor air pollution, we can do a few things.

  • Replace your air filters frequently. We recommend replacing your filters every 30 to 90 days depending on if you have a sensitive respiratory system, whether you have babies at home or pets. If any of these factors are applicable for you, then we’d recommend replacing your filters every 30 days. This will help to trap more contaminants and allergens in the filter and prevent them from circulating throughout your house.
  • Be mindful of the candles you purchase and light. Until recently, many commercially sold candles were made out of paraffin, which is a byproduct of oil manufacturing. They were popular because they’re very inexpensive to make, but they’re not environmentally friendly and produce soot that gets circulated through your home’s air. Some healthier and more environmentally friendly wax options include beeswax, soy wax, and coconut wax.
  • Allow for natural ventilation. Since we’ve covered that there are often times more pollution indoors than outdoors, it will make more sense to keep the windows open more often. Let those indoor pollutants flow out of your home while fresh air flows in. This can also help with many naturally occurring musty odors that appear when a house has been shut for quite a while.

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