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It’s no secret that there is a severe shortage of workers in the trades, and this shortage is affecting companies all across the country. What high schoolers and young college-age students are not being told is that college isn’t the only way to develop and train for a fulfilling and rewarding career. Work in the trades pays well, offers great benefits, teaches practical skills, allows you to interact with many different types of people, and provides you with consistently varied work each and every day.

At Gibson’s Career Training Center, we are proud to offer an opportunity to pursue one of these rewarding and in-demand careers! Through this unique program, trainees will receive intensive training in a chosen path over a span of anywhere from two to six months.

Our training courses include:

  • Classroom training with lectures and presentations from some of our most experienced, skilled, and accomplished veterans.
  • Training Lab experience, allowing trainees to get hands-on time with the tools they will be using in simulated exercises that both teach valuable skills and test their capabilities. Our 6,000 square-foot Training Lab facility features state-of-the-art setups for practice and demonstration of everything from sewer line repairs to unclogging a bathroom drain.
  • Ride-along training, pairing trainees with a member of our staff once a week for real-world, in-the-field experience serving real customers.

Training for Those in All Walks of Life

Are you hesitant to make a career change because of extensive financial burdens? Are you worried about the time it will take to complete your training? The Gibson’s Career Training Center program is uniquely designed to cater to those in all different phases of their life. Whether you are young and looking for work or a seasoned career veteran looking to make a change, this program is designed for you.

That’s because all training programs at Gibson’s Career Training Center are paid. You read right—not only will you be given the training you need to start your career, but you’ll be paid between $16-$20 per hour, based on experience.


Who We’re Looking For

Whether you’re a high school graduate who feels college isn’t the right choice for their future or an unhappy worker looking to pivot in your career and join a new industry, we welcome applicants with a wide range of stories and life experiences. However, we don’t accept just anybody. Applicants need to be willing to learn and have a great attitude towards instruction. This is an intense training program that requires a lot of dedication to complete. Learning the basics of a trade in a compacted timeframe is not an easy task, and it will take a lot of effort both in and out of the classroom.

We’re also looking for those who possess the following qualities:

Exceptional customer service skills

Desire to build a skill set that’s transferrable to many different industries

A natural mechanical inclination and a desire to learn how things work

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then we would love to meet you! Contact us today and find out more about the application process as well as when our next training classes are set to begin.

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