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Gibson Heating & Plumbing Provides Top-Rated Ionizing Air Quality Services to Waterloo, Indiana Homeowners

If you’ve been looking for an effective, convenient way to improve your Waterloo, Indiana home’s air quality, then an ionizer might be right for you! The Gibson Heating & Plumbing team provides a full range of ionizer services, helping you achieve better indoor air quality (IAQ) for you and your family. An ionizer distributes both positively and negatively charged ions into your Waterloo, Indiana home’s air supply. These opposing charges are drawn to one another, which encourages any particles in the air to join together, making them larger, heavier, and easier for HVAC filters to capture and remove. They may also fall to the ground more quickly, where they can be removed easily through vacuuming and dusting.

Many Waterloo, Indiana businesses, healthcare facilities, and homes use ionizing air quality technology to improve indoor air quality, since ionizers are well known for their ability to remove pollutants from the air. Ions occur naturally in the air, making them a safe, effective method for air purification. Some of the benefits of ionizers include:

  • Neutralizes viruses, bacteria, mold spores, and more
  • Decreases stress and promote relaxation
  • Regulates sleep
  • Improves immune system

Ionizers are available as both whole-home units and portable, stand-alone air purifying units. The Gibson Heating & Plumbing team is happy to discuss the benefits of each type of ionizing technology and help you find the best IAQ solution for your space. Our professionals will help you choose an ionizer that is safe and certified by third parties, ensuring your Waterloo, Indiana home’s safety. We will then professionally install your selected ionizer to ensure that it can function at the highest capacity possible. Call Gibson Heating & Plumbing at (260) 616-2368 to learn more about our ionizing air quality services today!

Signs You Need the Gibson Heating & Plumbing IAQ Experts to Install Ionizing Air Quality Technology in Your Waterloo, Indiana Home

Ionizers are effective at removing pollen, mold, dust, pet dander, viruses, and more from the air, but do you need one in your home? If you’ve been considering adding an ionizing air quality unit to your [Trade Area] home, but are unsure if it’s necessary, look for the following signs around the house:

Allergy-Like Symptoms: Sneezing, headaches, itchy eyes, and runny noses are all signs of airborne allergens in your home. This is the last thing you want during allergy season, which is why an ionizer is such a great investment. Ionizers effectively remove pollen, mold, pet dander, viruses, and more from the air, helping you to breathe easier!

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